Leo Irrera was born in Brooklyn, NY.  His interest and ability in art was detected and nourished early in his youth and led to his acceptance respectively to the School of Industrial Art – now the School of Art and Design- in NYC and to the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, where he met Eva (Amann) Irrera, who was born in Vienna, Austria.  Her creative interests were also detected early.  They were wed after Graduation and headed for Indiana University where Leo earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and Photography studying with David Smith and Henry Holmes Smith, while Eva produced art for the local NBC TV channel as well as for the University ETV channel.

 After graduate school Leo continued his art while beginning a career in art education which lead to his appointment as art director for the Newburgh, NY city school system while Eva tended three children and continued her work as freelance artist – illustrating film strips, greeting cards and books.

The Irrera offspring are equally talented.    Joseph – the oldest, is a musician/songwriter as well as a computer specialist.  Maria is a recognized artist/designer and has opened a branch of Irrera Studio Arts in Maine.  Veronica – the youngest has also received recognition for her ceramic sculptures and is teaching high school art in Reston VA.  

Irrera Studio Arts was initiated by Leo in 1989 for the purpose of utilizing the creative and varied skills of the Irreras to produce art products in a variety of media and styles to suit a variety of needs.  Since then numerous commissions have been fulfilled – public, private and religious to the satisfaction of many clients.
Eva, continues her illustration on a freelance basis, but has also come full circle to her first love, sculpture, and has joined Leo in the sculpture studio.