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Stations of The Cross
Sculpture and design by Leo Irrera
Glass Art by R. Leo Pelkington OP

Stations of the Cross ea 2’ square – Bonded Bronze and Stained Glass 

Proposal: Leo has designed the Stations so that they can be used outdoors as well as in, (church yards, monasteries, convents, cemeteries) where nature rather than lit glass illuminates them.

The “Stations of The Cross” were planned for a church project that never developed.  However, since they had already started, the artists Leo Irrera – Designer and Sculptor and R. Leo Pelkington OP – stained glass artist – decided not only to complete the project but to begin the stations with the “Last Supper” and carry them on to a happy ending – the “Resurrection” “Emmaus” and “Christ Appears to the Apostles”

Station 1 with and without light
Station 13 with and without light
Drawing Drawing
Many years ago Leo Irrera was asked by a priest who was saying mass in an all purpose room at Georgetown University to design a wall to separate the liturgical area from the public space.  Leo designed what he called a Meditation Wall made up of the “Stations of the Cross” .  The priest was transferred and the project was dropped.  Leo decided to continue with the idea by individualizing the stations producing them one by one to be cast in bronze as outdoor stations
Outdoor Bronze Station
(PhotoShop rendering)