Portrait of Admiral Zumwalt
Sculpture by Eva Irrera

The portrait of Admiral Zumwalt was commissioned by the Navy Memorial during a period when Leo had many projects. Therefore, Eva, who has always loved portraiture, took on the project. In doing research she discovered that he was not only a good leader but also a caring man. His interest in making the life of the ordinary sailor better made him beloved by the men who served under him.

Eva and Leo met the old admiral and his wife a few months before he died. He and his wife walked among the guests arm in arm and it was obvious that after more than 50 years of marriage they were devoted to each other.

Once the work began Mrs Zumwalt and her son came to the studio and made excellent suggestions, (a great help when one is working from photographs.)

It was Eva's hope to portray a man of extraordinary character and leadership and was rewarded when Mrs. Zumwalt came to view the finished piece. She placed her hands on the clay shoulders of her husband's bust and said "You really look good".

The statue is cast in Bronze and is approximately life size.

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