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St. Jane
Sculpture by Eva Irrera

The statue of St Jane de Chantal marked Eva's reentry into sculpture after many years of illustration. It had been her first love and major concentration in art school. When we were approached by the Church of St. Jane de Chantal to make a sculpture of the saint Eva felt called to do the project since she had just read a book about her life and the founding of the numerous Visitation convents in 17th century France. St. Francis de Sales was a close friend and her spiritual director. Being widowed after a happy marriage and four children, she felt a strong call to the religious life. This she achieved after her three older children were settled. With the help of St. Francis de Sales she founded her fist Visitation convent, bringing her youngest daughter along. The statue represents her dual call to motherhood and the spiritual life. The sculpture which is 3/4 life size and cast in alabaster was so successful that the School of the Visitation in Washington, DC commissioned a replica in cast Granite.

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St. Jane in Place
St. Jane side view
Close up