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St. Francis's Church Madonna
Sculpture by Leo Irrera

St. Francis's Church
Durwood, Md.

3⁄4 Life Size – Polychrome Wood

"When the Church committee asked me to produce a Mary and Child statue it could not have come at a more propitious moment.  My daughter had recently presented us with our first grandchild.   Naturally I was fascinated in observing their relationship.  when a sculptor presented with the opportunity to  represent a well know incident or person he or she is immediately plagued with the ghosts of  “what’s been done before”.  There have been many Marys  but none of them actually playing with their child.  So Mary in this case became my Maria playing with my grandson.. Polychrome wood, was specified by the client.  While I love to carve wood (show pictures)  I had rarely painted it since I enjoy the beauty of the wood itself.  Therefore, when I painted the piece I left areas of the wood exposed as an indication of its warmth."

Leo Irrera

Mother and Child
Back View
Side View
Front View Side View