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Monument for Operation Tiger in Slapton Sands England
Relief by leo Irrera

D. Day Dedication

"Exercise Tiger" under the command of Admiral Don P Moon US Navy was one of  several assault rehearsals conducted at Slapton Sands on the Devon coast. So vital was the exercise that the commanders had ordered the use of live naval and artillery ammunition to make the exercise as real as possible to accustom the soldiers to what they were soon going to experience.
This exercise also turned out to be one of the great tragedy’s of World War II. Hundreds of American soldiers and sailors died needlessly due to confusion and incompetence. It was one of the military’s best kept secrets until it was revealed to the world almost over 40 years later.

Slapton Sands Memorial

"When I was asked to produce this piece I naturally read all I could on the subject and was so shocked by the needless loss of  life that the Idea came rather easily to me.  However, producing it was an emotionally charged experience.  I believe this is evident to anyone who looks at it.  Also I took the opportunity to explore pushing in the  relief sculpture in as well as pulling it out.  I first experimented with this in the memorial I produced for the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor."

Leo Irrera

The Bronze Plaque by Irrera
Close up